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Workflow Example: (C-mode) Remove a vServer and its volumes


I created this workflow as a 'complement' to Workflow Example: (C-mode) Create new vServer and volumes. Where that workflow will create vServers and volumes, this workflow will pretty much tear that all down.  This workflow will find the vServer on the cluster you select and will Unmount, Offline, and Destroy all of the vServer volumes, then go and destroy the vServer itself.  Did I mention this is pretty destructive?  Please use CAREFULLY.  This workflow is very straightforward and it has a couple of other capabilities in it that can be useful as examples for other workflows (staggered user inputs & looping based on finder values).  More specifics:

User Inputs:

  • Select from the available Clusters in your environment (pulled from an OC UM 5.0 or 5.1 datasource and LOCKED)
  • Select the vServer to remove on the selected cluster (only vServers of type 'cluster' are listed)
  • Screenshot:

WFA: B7752

Hope you find this useful!

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Hi Kevin,

thank you very much. That helped.

Best regards


This looks like exactly what I need for an automation project I am working on, but I am unable to import this workflow into WFA  I believe the problem is related to this workflow being exported from WFA v1.1 and differences in the format or content of the exports between WFA versions.  Can you provide advice on how I can make use of this workflow in WFA v2.x?  Do I need to install WFA 1.x, import and then update to WFA 2.x?




I would not recommend importing that workflow as is for 2 reasons:

1) It is using the old form rather than the simplified form (Which is far more efficient from various perspectives).

2) Some of its components were already made certified in 2.0/2.0.1 (Which was just released).

Looking at the error happening on import, it seems related to item #2 (We already have "Remove CM Volume" certified in 2.0.1 - It was not supposed to collide but somehow it does).

I took the liberty of doing the process and making a small adjustment (Renaming said command) and now it imports successfully.

With that said, I highly recommend to recreate this workflow (Once you'd be able to import it you'd see it is very simple) using the new simplified form and all the latest certified content.

Let us know if you need further assistance. Kindly try this new one (_mod) attached above.




Thanks Yaron! I appreciate your advice and the time you took to convert this so it could be imported into 2.x.  This is a much simpler workflow than I had imagined.


You are welcome 🙂

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