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Filters don't return results



I'm testing WFA at very basic level.

I can't found how to Filters return results. I have the ONTAP controllers added and connectivity test works. I'm using root credentials and controller has 3 aggrs.

Any help is more than welcome?

2012-09-19 12:51:00,845 BST DEBUG [com.netapp.wfa.finders.execution.impl.FindersExecutorImpl] (http- Executing local filter 'aggregate in array by array ip' , parameters '{array_host=}' , query 'SELECT, array.ip AS 'array.ip'


    storage.aggregate AS aggr, storage.array AS array


    aggr.array_id = AND (array.ip = '' OR = '')'

2012-09-19 12:51:00,845 BST DEBUG [com.netapp.wfa.finders.execution.impl.FindersExecutorImpl] (http- Local filter 'aggregate in array by array ip'successfully executed , rows affected '0'


Re: Filters don't return results


Did you configure your OnCommand/DFM server as a data source and aquired data successfully? The WFA cache is filled from this, it doesn't need any controller credentials in order to make filters work.



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Re: Filters don't return results


To add a little more to what Hendrik pointed out:

  • WFA Filters and Finders run against the WFA Cache.  This is the database where we store information we pull in from different sources of data:
    • OnCommand Unified Manager / Operations Manager - this gives WFA a complete view of your environment
    • vCenter - this give WFA a good view of your VMware envrionment
    • other - other sources of data can be pulled into WFA to be leveraged in a workflow

The filters are simply SQL queries like you've used in your examples.  However the "FROM" statements are referencing the WFA DB Tables.

You can add new datasources in the following manner:

  • log into your WFA 1.1.x system as admin
  • click on the 'Execution' tab
  • click on 'Data Sources'
  • click on 'Actions' in the top menu and select 'New'
  • Add your OnCommand Datasource

Also to ensure proper communication between WFA and OnCommand you will need to follow the information in Appendix D of the Install & Setup guide.

Hope this helps,


Re: Filters don't return results



the DFM data source was configured with wrong credentials.

thanks for your quick answers!

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