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Re: Where can I put SELECT statement into WFA?




I can kind of understand the process, but still it seems there are no definite rules I can follow. It may come to the point, I need to have more practices, and then find out the regularity.


Thanks a lot!

Re: Where can I put SELECT statement into WFA?




Along with Sinha solution another way to filter the resource using resource selection and below is the details:



Create new workflow and add "search and define" command need to be added in workflow


Step1 Create_New_workflow.png



Using "content tab" define the dictionary entry.
Here please select your dictionary entry to filter the resource.


Step2 Defining_Dictionary_Entry.png

Step 3

Please select "enter search Criteria" to add the resource selection details


Step3 Select Search Criteria.png

Step 4

select "the filter aggregate that match the following rules" check box to add the rules for resource selection
here you can make aggregate name rule and type of the aggregate and etc.


Step4 ResourceSelectionDetails.png


By using test button, we can achive the result.


Step5 ResourceSelectionTableDetails.png





Resource selection criteria contains 








As of now "Not-contains" can not be used for resource selection.



For more details, please search the topic as "how resource selection works" in below link:



resource selection can be used from WFA 4.0 version.


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