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AltaVault 4.3.1 Disaster Recovery using snapmirror shares


Hi @chriswong

I am currently testing AltaVault 4.3.1 Disaster Recovery.

On a newly setup AltaVault I can import the configuration using the exported config from production AlatVault and prepopulate selected data from cloud store back to the AltaVault to create the local cache. However, how does one recover the data from the AltaVault where the original setup used snapmirror shares? The prepop does not create the snapmirror shares and in order to recover the data using ONTAP 9.1 CLI one needs to specify the share name and snapshot.

Snapmirror restore -source-path <IP_address>:/share/<share_name> -destination-path <Vserver_name>:<volume_name> -source-snapshot <Snapshot_name>

The snapmirror restore command works 100% in production but not in DR as the share does not exist on Altavault after prepop? Are there additional steps to follow?



Re: AltaVault 4.3.1 Disaster Recovery using snapmirror shares



If you're following the steps to perform DR (as described in the 4.3.1 administration guide, Ch14), then this DR AltaVault appliance should recover the metadata relating to the Snapmirror shares that existed on the original AltaVault, which when complete (along with the SnapMirror service being up), should allow you to perform the snapmirror restore commands without incident (the recovery of the snapshot will occur in realtime, with AltaVault pulling data from the cloud).


If this is not happening despite following the steps in Ch14 correctly, then please provide the following:

1. System dump (Maintenance > System Dump, then click on the generate system dump button to create one).

2. Are you waiting long enough for the metadata recovery to complete, and the Snapmirror service to come up on AltaVault, prior to you attempting a snapmirror restore operation? Ensure that both the AltaVault service is up (Maintenance > Service), metadata recovery is complete (Reports > Backend throughput should show no backend throughput in bytes after metadata is completely recovered), and that the SnapMirror service is running (Configure > Snapmirror page, look at the service status)

3. What error is the ONTAP CLI command returning when it fails, and what error on AltaVault is occurring in the system log for that attempt?





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Re: AltaVault 4.3.1 Disaster Recovery using snapmirror shares




Sorry for the late response, 

I had reset to factory and started the DR test process again which successfully pulled the snapmirror shares metedata and ran restores succesfully... suspect might have been a partial networking issue upon testing.  Thanks for your feedabck





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