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AltaVault 4.3.1 Secure Vault reset


HI Guys,


is it possible to reset the secure Vault Password, no one of us can't remember the Password, i think we lost it Smiley Sad



It is only a Demo-Machine....(VA)


Thank you






Re: AltaVault 4.3.1 Secure Vault reset



If you've forgotten the secure vault passphrase, then recovery will require the destructive operation of clearing the secure vault.  After clearing the secure vault a new, empty one will be available and you will need to readd the lost components, namely the encryption key and cloud credentials.  There is no way to recover the contents of a secure vault unless the passphrase is known.  If you don't have the encryption key saved as part of a configuration backup of AltaVault, then you may have to start over from a backup perspective, writing data to a new cloud bucket (or clearing the contents of the existing bucket).


The process to clear the secure vault is by issuing these CLI commands to AltaVault:

> enable

# config t

(config) # secure-vault clear

(the system will automatically reboot)

When the system has booted, it will be missing the cloud credentials and encryption key. These can be re-entered under Configure > Storage > Cloud Settings, or imported from a previously saved configuration archive using Configure > Setup Wizard.




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