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AltaVault cloud-to-cloud migration incomplete

Hi AltaVault experts!


We're working in a troubleshooting situation related to migrate cloud-to-cloud from private cloud provider (EMC) to another cloud provider (Azure).


Customer began the migration process but they only coud complete around 75% aprox of data and rest of data couldn't migrate.  They want to complete the migration but they're stucked on it.


From the GUI, the list of objects are visible to be prepopulated but the job shows failed.

Is it possible to resume a migration of the objects that first migration job couldn't complete or the migration needs to startover again the complete migration?


I put here some system logs that I catched that might clarify the problem:


<storage-name> [backend/storage/azure.ERR] (43088) Error Detail: :
 sw_raid: rrdm tool failed with error [Raid commands are not supported on model AVA400]
<storage-name>batch[49272]: [batch.INFO]: user admin: Executing command: show hardware error-log all
<storage-name>batch[49272]: [batch.INFO]: user admin: Skipping authorization check for show hardware error-log all
<storage-name> cli[33151]: [cli.NOTICE]: user admin: CLI error: Cannot show datastore integrity check status unless service is running.


<storage-name> rfsd[8639]: [replication_mgr.INFO] (13696) File <filename> doesn't exist anymore: No such file or directory


Thanks in advance!

Check out the KB!
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