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AltaVault setup script won't save settings!

I am attempting to run the initial AltaVault Configuration Wizard on an ESXi installation. I answer all the questions and then click ENTER, but the script just keeps going back to step 1 each time. What would cause this, and how do you get around it?





Re: AltaVault setup script won't save settings!

Hi Bill (or is it Biill?),

The configuration wizard should prompt you through a series of questions. When you have those questions answered, then it prompts you to press enter to commit them, which exits you out of the wizard and sets the configuration based on your selections.Question 1 should be the admin password question, so you might not be providing enough complexity to the password you're selecting. Please try to make it more unique (longer, and it can't contain the word 'password' in it).


Also, I assume this is with the 4.1 version of the AltaVault software?




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