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AltaVaut Garbage collection in progress


Hello there,


The AltaVault device (running 4.4)  in the production environment of mine has been running garbage collection for about 24 hours now. It is stuck at 0%. 

rfsctl exec gc command shows that the gc.cadidate_slabs is incrementing. 


How long will this job run ? Is there a way to identify the % complete? 







Re: AltaVaut Garbage collection in progress


Hi Sajan,

I have seen cases where the AltaVault garbage collection (GC) may get hung up in this pending state due to issues with consistent cloud connectivity. For example, before data is deleted (say, by eviction), AltaVault checks that data is safely in cloud storage and is current. These checks could timeout, which would add latency to the eviction and GC processing. Is there eviction ongoing with this workload, or is the GC running checks? Have you previously seen GC run longer? Have there been any connectivity issues with the cloud provider (i.e. pings take longer, or packets lost/timeout)?




Re: AltaVaut Garbage collection in progress


Hi Chris, 

The connectivity to cloud looks ok. 


The GC status shows up as scanning labelmaps. 

Currently, eviction is not running . 

The GC process takes about 7 days to complete. This has been an ongoing issue for me. 

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