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Altavault CIFS/NFS



Can can some one plese clarify.


Can the Data written into specific CIFS/NFS shares on altavault applaince by backup application kept on applaince locally only and flag the data in those shares to not replicate to cloud ? 




Re: Altavault CIFS/NFS



All data that Altavault ingests must go to either a public or a private cloud, Altavault does not support non-cloud replicating scenarios such as "local only"

But you can configure the eviction policy in a way that data is never evicted from the Altavault cache, that option is called Pinning

See TR-4427-1117 for the Share Management options: A SMB/NFS share can be configured with:


  • Pinning: Important data that cannot wait for recovery from cloud storage can be made available permanently on the AltaVault cache by using this option. Data is never eligible for eviction from the AltaVault appliance cache.

Hope that helps.



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Re: Altavault CIFS/NFS

Florian -- Thank You for the clarification, it helped.

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