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Altavault Exipration of Data in Glacier



We are using NetBackup to drive data into the Altavault and then up into Glacier. One question, which none of the documents cover is how does the data in Glacier expire? We are looking to set different expiration polices for the data in Glacier but can not see where we can configure it on the Altavault? What is the process?


I know that AWS have LifeCycle Management polices for S3 to do this, but you can not tell what the data structured is once it is in S3.






Re: Altavault Exipration of Data in Glacier

Hi David,


It's my understanding that NetBackup will drive data expiration, meaning once an image expires from the NetBackup catalog, it will be deleted from the AltaVault, and AltaVault will perform any required reclamation on the Glacier side. All of the expiration policies would be set in NetBackup, and you should not use AWS Lifecycle management policies. Doing so could remove data without either AltaVault or NetBackup being aware.




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