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Altavault with Storagegrid Webscale


I am new to both altavault and storagegrid and ran into a roadblock.

I deployed the virtual StoragegridWebscale using (1 admin and 3 storage nodes,,no other nodes). I set up the Altavault virtual appliance.

I tested my SGW using s3 browser and it seems to be working the ilm rules and all.
Now when initially configuring the Altavault virtualappliance i select Cloud settings and update the following Info:

The provider as Netapp SGWebscale.
Access and Secret Access Key.
Hostname i provided as The storage node IP
and port as 18082

when i select Apply it gives an error: Error connecting to Cloud: Peer Certificate cannot be authenticated with the given cA certificates.

What should i do now to rectify this.


Re: Altavault with Storagegrid Webscale



You can disable the certificate check performed by AltaVault by issuing the following commands:

1. SSH to AltaVault

2. Issue the commands:


configure terminal

no replication ssl verify-certs

3. You may receive a message "failed to connect, no process available" error, but you can ignore this as the setting is saved. After that's done, you can retry the cloud settings wizard. This should succeed.

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Re: Altavault with Storagegrid Webscale


Thanks a lot. The Ava virtual appliance is now integrated with the SGW.

Now the other thing is will it have any impact on the security of our data. Does doing this compromise data in any way?

Re: Altavault with Storagegrid Webscale


You can import a CA + server certificate into StorageGRID Webscale and import the CA cert to AltaVault for SSL verification.  The CA and server certificates could be self-signed or signed by known CA authority.


Please refer to this KB for instruction how to generate a self-signed cert for use with StorageGRID Webscale and AltaVault.


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