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Cloud Sync: Throttling and/or sync windows.

Hi all!

I'm trying out Cloud Sync to see what possibilities it has to assist us in moving file servers to cloud services, but I can't see any options for throttling or specifying synchronization windows. If it's so fast as it proclaims I'm worried about saturating our lines. Are there none, and if not, are there any workarounds you know of?




Re: Cloud Sync: Throttling and/or sync windows.

You can set schedules in Cloud Sync, yes.


From the documentation I see available, there are no speed throttling options at this time. 


Hope this helps!

Re: Cloud Sync: Throttling and/or sync windows.

Thanks Alex,


I've set a sync schedule off course, but it wasn't really that I was looking for, but a setting to only allow copying during certain hours of the day (i.e. out of office hours). We don't want a first copy hogging our MAN-links for a week.


I find it very difficult to find just about any settings more than schedudling. I read about a setting to set a minimal modified age for files so they won't be copied while being written, but nothing about how to access this setting. And there's a link on the dashboard about "API Documentation" which just is a list of the Swagger functions, but absolutely nothing about how to use them. At this time I certainly have spent several hours doing nothing but looking for som technical documentation about NetApp Cloud Sync, but all I find is some "getting started", FAQs, briefs and other documents that more or less reads like sales brochures. I even registered to download a ePUB book, but that was also extremely "light reading". 


I'm evaluating the product for my companys cloud migrations for file servers, but right now I must say a scheduled robocopy seems overwhelmingly better. Am I missing something?




Re: Cloud Sync: Throttling and/or sync windows.

Hi there,


It certainly seems like you've done a lot of research here. The main benefit over a robocopy for a data migration is the automatic parallelisation, rather than single the tree walk of robocopy, and the great flexibility - that it doesn't have to happen via a server with direct access to both old and new storage.


It is built for speed and reliability.. and so with that in mind, it doesn't surprise me that there are no throttling options, but as someone who has done a lot of migrations.. I can understand why it would be useful. Its primary use-case is for regularly synchronising of data to/from the cloud - migration capabilities are secondary.


Best Regards,


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Re: Cloud Sync: Throttling and/or sync windows.

OK, that sounds reasonable, and my impression is that it's quite a bit faster than robocopy when dealing with many smaller files. Thanks for your assistance!

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