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Cloud Synch - Can it be used as a backup or is it basically a mirror......


Let's say I have a Cloud-sync session established between a NetApp NFS volume and an S3 bucket. Let's say I have 100 files in the volume.

If I delete one of the files, is the corresponding object deleted in the S3 bucket on the next re-synch?  Is there a way to controll what happens to deleted objects?

I have a use case where the customer does not want the object deleted in the S3 bucket when it is deleted from the primary volume.  Kinda like a snapvault backup.


Is the "session broker" for Cloud Synch a re-write or subset of AltaVault?


Re: Cloud Synch - Can it be used as a backup or is it basically a mirror......




Sync is not a session but a relationship, but unlike SnapMirror.

It is not a backup and does not have any versioning but a data mirror based on sync points in time.


In a sync relationship we will Copy every file once.

If you'd create a new file - it would be copied.

If you'd modify it later it would be copied again.

If you delete a file - Cloud Sync would try to remove it from the target (And will succeed if it is there)


If you'd delete it from the target - it will not be recopied (We plan to have a recopy function available soon).


The broker is not related to AVA in any way and Cloud Sync is whole is not relying or hinged upon any NetApp tech.

It is totally new IP, created to handle the transport problem of the hybrid cloud.


Thanks for the feature idea - I will raise it with the team.




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