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Optimization Service is not running

I'm trying out the SteelStore 730 AMI from the AWS marketplace.  Following the setup rules, but when I get to connecting the storage, its failing because the optimization service cannot be started...needs encryption key.


How do I resolve?





Using username "admin".
NetApp SteelStore
Authenticating with public key "imported-openssh-key"
Last login: Wed Feb 4 20:48:56 2015 from
amnesiac > sysconfig -a
% Unrecognized command "sysconfig".
Type "?" for help.
amnesiac > enable
amnesiac # configure terminal
amnesiac (config) # no service enable
% The optimization service is not running.
amnesiac (config) # aws setup data partition
Data partition setup complete.
amnesiac (config) # service restart
% The optimization service is not running.
% The optimization service cannot be started because no encryption key is present. Please generate a key and try again.
amnesiac (config) #


Re: Optimization Service is not running


The problem does appear unusual, can you please try to issue the following commands to address it for now (from the SSH connection to the SteelStore):


configure terminal

datastore encryption generate-key


This should generate the encryption key, and address the problem you're experiencing.



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