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Orphaned SnapMirror Task In Cloud Manager


My customr deleted an OTC instace that had a snapmirror relationship with his on-prem FAS.  Now that relationship show up in Cloud Manager and he does not know how to get rid of it.  The OTC instance is gone and he does not see anything on the FAS system.  He is wondering how to get this "cached" relationship out of Cloud Manager.


Re: Orphaned SnapMirror Task In Cloud Manager


Hi Sean,


As discussed, the relationships are not cached in any way and are read from the cluster.


The way to clean them in case the ONTAP Cloud was removed is to make sure that the Cluster and SVM peering is removed from the remaining on prem.


Regarding the relationship creation seemingly in progress - It is a minor UI glitch. We have no way to know if the instance was terminated in mid action,

and during the next monthly Cloud Manager update it will be closed as failed.




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