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SteelStore Virtual Appliance for DR?



Hopefully this has a quick response... What would I use for my SteelStore physical applicance (3030) as DR to plug into Amazon S3? So i can pull my data out of DR if needed?


Would it be the AltaVault? I looked a the configuration and the minium requirements seemed high for disk space. I only need a light applicance that plugs into S3 and can pull down data incase of emergency restores.... Whats the right piece of software that I need to use?


AVA-v8: 10 TB (recommended): • 8 TB for data cache • 2 TB for system metadata


Re: SteelStore Virtual Appliance for DR?


Unfortunately, since the acquistion to NetApp, the SteelStore virtual appliances have been discontinued for sale (the AVA-v8 as you noted is the new replacement and is the minimum model available). You can however access the older SteelStore evaluation page, which I believe will get you to the SteelStore software download for use in DR scenarios:




Check out the KB!
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