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Can I set up a snapmirror relation between Alatvault and the OnTap cluster, and I can control what snapshots should be moved to Altault and what shoul more
What tools or mechanism you would use to Monitor Altavault and alert users on issues?   We dont' receive any alerts when ALV has issues. Thanks!
I know this cascade will work in all FAS's environment.  Can I use CVO as a SnapVault destination in the cascade of primary -> snapmirror -> snapvault more
Hi, need to destroy a tenant in our SGW with a 80TB bucket, now question is how? How i've started is with S3 browser-pro and just select "delete bucke more
Good morning,   I despair.... How I can get access the Admin-Node via SSH? I got the Recovery-Package with the Passwords.txt. I tires the root and adm more
Hi,I transferred from on-premises NFS to AWS EFS.   NFS---DataBroker---AWS-DX---AWS EFSPlease tell me about the following.[1] The permission of the fo more
Hi,   Is it possible to use Cloud Sync with an AWS S3 bucket as target and specify the object storage class (e.g: STANDARD_IA, ONEZONE_IA) at their cr more
Hello Folks,We are deploying AltaVault v-16 (16TB) Virtual Appliance and running into couple issues. First one, the back end storage for VM is Netapp more
This document describes the steps involved in running AI model training with NVIDIA Tesla V100GPUs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NetApp® Cloud Volu more
So we have licenses to roll out Ontap Cloud and it requires the use of Cloud Manager. But the state of this software, specific the installer leaves me more