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new OnCommand Cloud Manager deployment @Azure issue

Hi All,


I am trying to deploy a new OnCommand Cloud Manager @azure, I followed these instructions and my issue starts when I try to sestup a Intance name during first access.


I am able to browse to instace ip:80 using private IPs over VPN, I am also able to authenticate to sucessfully, but when I type an name in the instance name field and click "Let`s Start" its show the "busy" for a few seconds and then nothing happens.




Re: new OnCommand Cloud Manager deployment @Azure issue

Hi Diego,


Which VM have you selected for Cloud Manager?

Have you given the right AD permission and added a service principle?

Does Cloud Manager has outbound internet connectivity?


Please contact us through the Intercom (Blue circle in the bottom right corner), and we will be more than happy to take a look.





Check out the KB!
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