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optimization service is not running in altavault lab

I am using altavault netapp cloud backup lab . when I creating the cloud settings in altavault it asks smb or nfs to configure .so I configuring the smb share it is not starting .here is error message shows like this optimization service is not running could you please help me  how to start the optimization service 


Re: optimization service is not running in altavault lab



From the shared  image, it appears there is a 'start'  button, just press that button ?


Storage optimization service in AltaVault provides = compression, deduplication and encryption on the data injested into AVA.


Anyway, you can also start this service using CLI:


From command line:
ssh to altavault IP:
hostname> enable
hostname# config t
hostname (config) # service enable
hostname (config) # show service

It should say 'ready'.


If it's failing to start, send us the following logs:
Reports > System Logs



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