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Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit - HOWTO: Work with LUNs and Qtrees


When creating LUNs, it’s generally a best practice to place them in Qtrees.  Fortunately, it’s easy to create Qtrees with Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit; just use the New-NaQtree cmdlet:

New-NaQtree /vol/vol1/qt_vol1

Creates a Qtree called “qt_vol1” in the volume “vol1”

Now with the Qtree out of the way, it’s time to create a LUN.  Sure, we could use the toolkit to create a LUN filer side, create an igroup and map it, then rescan the disks (that’s  “rescan” | diskpart  in PowerShell BTW), but then you’d have to give it a drive letter and format it and otherwise do a lot of work.  It’s far easier to just create the LUN using the SnapDrive CLI right from within your PowerShell script.  You’d do something like:

Sdcli disk create –d I:\ -p /vol/vol1/test.lun  -z 10240 –dtype dedicated –rs n –IG MyLaptop igroup_iscsi

This creates a 10GB LUN in vol1 and attaches it as drive I:\ to my laptop via iSCSI with no space reserved for snapshots.  Oops.  I forgot all about that best practice of putting LUNs in Qtrees.  Not to worry; you can use the Rename-NaLun cmdlet to move a LUN

Rename-nalun /vol/vol1/test.lun /vol/vol1/qt_vol1/test.lun

Not a problem.

Well, I just created a Thick LUN.  What if I wanted to thin it?  Easy:

Set-nalunspacereserved /vol/vol1/qt_vol1/test.lun –off

It’s a thin LUN now.  While I’m at it, I’ll enable Dedupe on the volume:

Enable-NaSiS /vol/vol1


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Is there a better/native way to do the SLCI command with the latest powershell toolkit?


You can do that with

Invoke-Nassh "<sdcli cmd>"

You can get detailed help for this cmdlet using

PS C:\Users\vinith> Get-Help Invoke-NaSsh -Detailed

An example below.

C:\PS>Connect-NaController dunn

C:\PS> Invoke-NaSsh aggr status


hi John

i have few 1 tb luns that i would like to move into a separate qtrees

is "lun move" command non disruptive ?


Yes it's non disruptive, but I would use the toolkit.

Rename-nalun /vol/vol1/test.lun /vol/vol1/qt_vol1/test.lun


i created a lun (5gb) and moved into a qtree (2gb).

but the writes did not stop when qtree was full, even tough i did set up hard limit as 2gb.

how can i setup in such a way that when qtree is full, it shouldnt accept any more writes and accept only reads.

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