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AVA-c16 v4.2.2 Veyron process crash and high CPU


Our ava-c16 is going through at least one Veyron process crash per day.  Services restart and things are fine thereafter.  However following yesterday's process crash we now have one CPU that runs at 100%.  Whatever process is holding that CPU will randomly switch CPUs, letting that one drop to normal and driving another CPU tp 100%.


So my questions are:

1.  Why the multiple Veyron process crashes?  The system leaves behind a process and core dump, but Support doesn't support AWS-based AVAs.  

2.  Is there any way to tell what process is holding the CPU at 100%?  Given that Veyron is related to SMB, I have done "no enable smb", waited 60 seconds, and enabled SMB.  But no joy.  



Hi Steve,

We'll need to see a system dump from the affected AVA-c16 system to understand the crash and high CPU usage, and whether it's related to one of the known bugs that is already known and addressed. 


You can reach out to me at and I'll engage with support to get you a place to upload the system dump.





Thanks for responding.

Ready to send core, system, and process dumps.  Just give me a target.