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AltaVault and local cluster Snapmirror


Can I set up a snapmirror relation between Alatvault and the OnTap cluster, and I can control what snapshots should be moved to Altault and what should be staying in the  cluster? the same as I can do between a local cluster and remote cluster?





@netappmagic  Let me know if you are still looking for the solution, i will help you find an expert who can answer to your query.


Yes, I am still looking for the solution. Please let me know.  Thanks!


Hi @netappmagic


Yes, you can setup snapmirror between Ontap CLuster and Altavault.

Please refer document Page 50.


for more details on setup and configuration details you can reachout support.




this is not what I am asking.


I know i can do snapmirror between FAS cluster and Altavault. I am asking if we can do snapshot version control type of snapmirror between these two. Which means selectively snapmirror snapshots over to Altavault?


Hi @netappmagic ,


"Which means selectively snapmirror snapshots over to Altavault?"

snapmirror snapshots refered here is the snaphsot created using snapshot policy ? 


Netapp unified replication(XDP) is used for replication from Ontap to Altvault.

Snapshots created on source volume using "snapshot policy" with snapmirror lables Can be controlled /transfered to Altvault using rules (snapmirror labels) specified in the "snapmirror policy" assinged to the relation .

Snapshot policy and Snapmirror policy should be created on source Ontap Controller.






Let me ask you this question then, can ALTAVAULT support SnapMirror relationship with version-flexible replication?




Hi @netappmagic ,


Altavault supports only SnapMirror policy type "vault" with SnapMirror relation type "XDP".
Version flexible SnapMirror with SnapMirror policy type "async-mirror or mirror-vault" is not supported by altavault.
please refer attached document "The AltaVault SnapMirror deployment guide" for step by step configuration details.


Thank you!

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