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Altavault applinace NFS export error


Hi All,

We have received below error on our altavault appliance. We want to know why below alert got generated and what will be the impact of it as it suggest to "must unmount and remount exports". 


Error: If any NFS exports are configured, any previously-connected clients must unmount and remount those exports






Can you provide the context of what action you were doing on AltaVault GUI to cause the below error to occur (which I assume was a pop up box or equivalent warning message to you in the GUI)?


This message is basically requesting you re-mount the NFS export on the Linux/Unix client, since you likely made some type of adjustment which could cause the NFS export connection to become stale.




Hi Chris,


The instance had to be stopped and restarted due to maintenance activity from AWS end. Post restart we recieved this alert.



I confirmed with engineering that the message comes up as a result of the NFS mount points becoming stale (after the AltaVault AMI reboots). Basically, the point is to reconnect your Linux/Unix clients to AltaVault by dismounting and remounting the NFS export. The only thing that I can see at this point being an issue is whether this should be identified as an"error" vs something like a notice or warning message. Let me know if your question is answered, or if you have further questions.