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Cloud Sync databroker fails to update



Databroker is tryng to update itself but I see the following error messages on the databroker logs:


[2021-06-09T11:50:54.137] [ERROR] [MASTER] [0] [1679] [update]  fatally failed due to error: self signed certificate in certificate chain

[2021-06-09T11:50:54.137] [INFO] [MASTER] [0] [1679] SEND MESSAGE: {"message":{"step":"INITIALIZE","status":"FAILED","reason":"self signed certificate in certificate chain","bundleUrl":,"bundleVersion":"","relationships":[{"relationshipId":"60c027616af36a1ef1e592b5","source":{"cifs":{"host":"","share":"/netapp","version":"2.1","provider":"cifs","path":"pactual1"}},"target":{"cifs":{"host":"","share":"/pactual1_mig","version":"2.1","provider":"cifs"}},"scannerQueue":,"transferrerQueue":,"settings":{"gracePeriod":30,"deleteOnSource":false,"deleteOnTarget":true,"objectTagging":true,"retries":0,"copyAcl":true,"files":{"excludeExtensions":[],"maxSize":9007199254740991,"minSize":0,"minDate":"1970-01-01","maxDate":null},"fileTypes":{"files":true,"directories":true,"symlinks":true},"compareBy":{"uid":true,"gid":true,"mode":true,"mtime":true},"schedule":{"syncInDays":1,"syncInHours":0,"syncInMinutes":0,"isEnabled":true,"syncWhenCreated":true,"nextTime":"2021-06-10T02:00:00.000Z"}}}],"groupId":"60b4ee00514879be812715c5","bundleEtag":"\"f6b684a68ef1c4d4f882cbde29bd2ec4\""},"messageAttributes":{"dataBrokerId":"60b4ee00619556130762b437","groupId":"60b4ee00514879be812715c5","requestId":"8eaeb312-55d3-4eb9-a507-4ad1a181d131","type":"update","approximateReceiveCount":"1"}}


Any ideas on how to solve this?






Hi @AlexandreOliveira,


Not sure if you are still running into this issue but it looks like there may be an issue with the self signed CA.  Unsure if it is expired normally the databroker log would say certificate has expired for the reason.  Did you see any errors when trying to start a Cloud sync relationship?


Also feel free to contact NetApp Technical Support and open a support case for this issue. 




Team NetApp
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