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I am trying to login to my new Cloud Manager in Azure for the first time and I get:


timeout during authentication renew


Anyone ever see this?



Re: Cloud Manager Login

I would recommend to redo a check of the latest list of required endpoints and network connections.

If nothing is missing - please log a case with NetApp support


Yaron Haimsohn
Director, Cloud Solutions Architecture

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Re: Cloud Manager Login


My Cloud Manager IP is open to ALL over 443 and my client is open to the 5 endpoints as per the documentation.


Seems as though my SSL cert is being blocked. We've tried installing my CA signed cert at the cloud manager's command line to the user.truststore, but it still doesn't seem to be presenting itself, because the generic (and expired) "NetApp TLV" cert is still presenting itself.



Re: Cloud Manager Login


In case anyone experiences the same:


Turns out the issue was with third party cookies.  There is a little cookies icon in Chrome when a site uses cookies (see screenshot).  If cookies are blocked, there will be a line crossed through it....I clicked it and enabled third party cookies and all was fine.



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