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We have on-premise Netapp Cluster with ONTAP 9.1.

We are looking into potentially moving the data out of that location - and I was considering Cloud Volumes. I think the earliest version of Cloud Volumes was 9.3. So technically that would allow for snapmirror reliationship between 9.1 and 9.3.


Is that version still available to deploy? Or when I am deploying Cloud Volumes in Azure/AWS, I have to use the latest version?

Apologies, but we never used Cloud Volumes, so we are exploring the options that are out there.


Appreciate the help.


Re: Cloud volumes question


I believe the earliest version available to deploy in for Cloud Volumes ONTAP is 9.5. an ONTAP upgrade to 9.3 would be needed to allow a migration via DP relationship.


However, there are multiple cloud migration options available depending on your chosen HyperScaler:


Google Cloud:





Re: Cloud volumes question


Hi.  But if you set up the relationship as a "unified replication relationship" (XDP) you can snapmirror between 9.1 and 9.5 (or 9.6).

See the "Unified replication relationship" section of this page:


When you use the easy drag and drop of on-prem to CVO, Cloud Manager replication this is the type of SnapMirror that will be created.  I would definitely recommend this method.

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Re: Cloud volumes question


Okay, I am going to test this out on a smaller dataset and see how this will work.

Is there a way that Cloud Manager can throttle the traffic, or can I do it at the source/destination, like I would normally do with on-premise replication?

Re: Cloud volumes question


Yes.  When you do the drag and drop in Cloud Manager, it starts a Wizard where you select the on-premises intercluster LIFs to use, the volume to replicate, the SnapMirror policy as well as you can set a throttle in this wizard. 

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