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Hybrid cloud question


Hi Team,


We are running netapp data ontap 8.2.4 7-mode on FAS3240/3250 filer model. Our company is planing to migrate the infra to cloud. I am going through the 

OnCommand Cloud Manager (for ONTAP Cloud) on AWS marketplace for solution. 


could you please confirm the following query. 


1. Anyone has done the migration of DR site to cloud and run the production on-premise?

2. With the current version of data ONTAP 7-mode , can run the DR on cloud ?

3. Is the data ONTAP version on premise should be running 9.xx cluster mode to move to cloud? 


Any help would be really appreciated.. 





Re: Hybrid cloud question


Hi there!


Our data fabric vision, including ONTAP Cloud, is not a single product or proscribed configuration - it is a set of technologies that enables flexibility in your data management.


Reading through your question, I think there's a technology leap you've missed out on which would make this a much easier proposition - running Clustered ONTAP on-premises.


Specifically to your questions:


  1. Yes, we have significant customers using ONTAP Cloud for DR from production physical systems
  2. No - ONTAP Cloud is only a viable target for Clustered ONTAP systems, running 9.3 or later.
  3. Yes

Please contact your local NetApp solutions team to engage in further discussions on this platform. We are keen to see customer success and have great technical resources available to assist.


Hope this helps!

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Re: Hybrid cloud question


Hi Alex, 


Thanks alot for the response. I will engage local Netapp support for futher discussion on migraiton to cloud. 

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