Cloud Volumes

I can no longer mount the Cloud Volumes.


Cloud Volume can no longer be mounted from EC2 instance.

I wanted to reconfigure Cloud Volumes Service from the beginning. I deleted the cloud volume from NetApp Web Page, and deleted the AWS Direct Connect virtual interface manually. I created the Cloud Volumes again, but the field for entering "CIDR" or "AWS account ID" on the creation form is no longer displayed.

In so that, Virtual interfaces of the AWS direct connect are no longer automatically created. And then, I can not mount the Cloud Volumes anymore.

How can I recreate the virtual interfaces of AWS direct connect?


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Re: I can no longer mount the Cloud Volumes.


Your best path to resolution here is to email , provide your AWS account ID, and ask that you need the Virtual Interfaces for the Direct Connect connection re-provisioned for whichever region you are using. 


This is similar to the process noted at the bottom of section 6.5 in the CVS Admin Guide:


"You must accept the interfaces within 10 minutes after clicking the Create Volume button or the system may time out. If this happens, email with your AWS Customer ID and NetApp Serial Number. Support will fix the issue and you can restart the onboardingprocess"

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