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Please explain the support available for ontap cloud?


Re: ONTAP Cloud support


Hello @Ck001,


Can you please elaborate on your request?  Are you curious about which cloud providers are supported?  Or ONTAP functionality?  Something else?


Thank you,



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Re: ONTAP Cloud support


I believe this question is concerned around the support model for ONTAP Cloud.  If that is the case, then the answer is that all ONTAP Cloud systems come with support.  You simply need to register your ONTAP Cloud systems with NetApp.  For this you need a NetApp Support Site (NSS) account ID.  If you're a current customer, then you should aready have a NSS ID.  If not, and you need one you can go here.


Also registering your ONTAP Cloud systems for support is super simple, as it is something Cloud Manager can automatically do for you when you deploy new ONTAP Cloud systems if you add your NSS ID to your Cloud Manager system.


Other forms of support are as follows:


  • The NetApp Community Hybrid-Cloud dicussion board ... meaning this forum where you posted this question Smiley Very Happy
  • The online Cloud Manager and ONTAP Cloud resources page: Link
    • This includes the documentation around Cloud Manager and ONTAP Cloud
    • This also includes the How-To video playlist for Cloud Manager and ONTAP Cloud
  • a Chat option within Cloud Manager, designated by the question mark in the lower right corner of Cloud Manager


Hope this answers your question regarding what sort of support is available for ONTAP Cloud.





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