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Proxy Internet access for Cloud Manager


Hi there,

I just started configuring my ONTAP Cloud instances using Cloud Manager.

I am using a proxy for internet access. Can I work with Cloud Manager using a proxy?

What do I need to know?


Please advice.



Re: Proxy Internet access for Cloud Manager


Hi there,


Cloud Manager allows you to work with a proxy server.


You can set it up during the Setup stage (In the Setup Wizard) or at a later time - Just click the top right menu (Small triangle),

go to "Settings" and enter the URL to the proxy.


I am happy to share that in Cloud Manager 3.0 (Released on June 30th) we are now supporting proxy servers with Basic Authentication as well.

In the same "Settings" menu you can enter the username/password in case it is needed.


Hope that helps!


Yaron Haimsohn

Cloud Solution Architect

Cloud Manager



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