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Introducing NetApp Community Badges


We are really excited to introduce badges to the NetApp Community. Badges are a fun way to recognize and distinguish your contributions to the Community. 


How does it work?


Your activities on the Community such as starting discussions, responding to threads, kudoing and posting solutions will be automically calculated and you will be rewarded badges as you continue to participate in the Community. For current Community members, all past activity will be accounted for in badges so you may see that you have already earned some badges in your profile. We also have some special suprise badges that you will be able to earn. As you earn badges, they will also show up in your notification feed (view your notification feed by clicking on your avatar on the top of any page).


How do I know what badges I have and other members have?


For a quick glance of the most recent 5 badges earned, hover over the username of the member and you will see a pop-up of the last 5 badges the user received and link to see all their badges. You can also view the most recent badges earned by going a user's profile page. To see all badges a user has earned, click on the view all after the badges on the member's profile page.


How do I know what badges I can earn?


To see badges you have and can earn, go to your profile page (click on your Username>View Profile on the top right of any page). Once on your profile page click "View All" next to your most recently earned badges. On this page, you can see all the badges available to earn along with the badges you have already earned and the date you earned them. Hover on a badge to see its description. Greyed out badges have yet to be earned. We want to keep some suprises, so not all the badges you can earn are visible until you've earn them. 


What do the badges mean?


Some badges are earned based on the number of times you take a single action like post replies and some badges are earned through a combination of activities. For doing a singular activity, you will earn 3 levels of badges and then the super-level for that activity after doing that activity an extraordinary number of times. Below are examples of badges and what they represent. 


New Topic New discussion threads
Replies to Discussions Replies in discussions
Kudos Given Kudos given 
 Kudos Received  Kudoes received
 Solutions Posted  Solutions posted


If you have any questions or feedback about the badges, post them in the Community Related Discussions area. 

Please Note:

All content posted on the NetApp Community is publicly searchable and viewable. Participation in the NetApp Community is voluntary.

In accordance with our Code of Conduct and Community Terms of Use, DO NOT post or attach the following:

  • Software files (compressed or uncompressed)
  • Files that require an End User License Agreement (EULA)
  • Confidential information
  • Personal data you do not want publicly available
  • Another’s personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Copyrighted materials without the permission of the copyright owner

Continued non-compliance may result in NetApp Community account restrictions or termination.


thanks for the improved badges.


@KRISK_1974 Thanks for the feedback!


Thnks for the Info...