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NetApp Mod Squad Program

Join the Mod Squad!




We are excited to announce a new program on the Community called 'The Mod Squad'! This program brings together the most passionate, engaged and knowledgable members and recognizes them as trusted advisors within the community.


The Mod Squad enriches the overall community member experience by granting Squad members special platform privleges to increase answered posts, accepted solutions and overall engagement.  



  • Guest blogging (includes promoting your personal blogs)
  • Participate in upcoming podcasts
  • Help shape the community experience including the Mod Squad Program evolution
  • Speaking engagements at events
  • Special access to exclusive meetings and information

Special Permissions:

  • Ability to move threads
  • Mark answers as Accepted Solutions
  • Access to other Mod Squad members and the Community Team via a private board
  • Nominate other Mod Squad candidates

Other Benefits:


  • Promoted “Mod Squad” identification on the Community
  • Rank badge to immediately identify you as a Moderator
  • Member highlight in Mod Squad article & blog
  • Personal and professional branding opportunities
  • Social promotions through twitter
  • Perspective from the moderators (hot topics, what people are talking about)
  • Awesome Stickers and if you’re able to attend, NetApp Insight Badges/flags

Interested in joining?

Believe you’re a good fit for the program?  Nominate yourself here. Nominees will be chosen by the Community Team and if chosen, will be sent an email invitation.


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In accordance to our Code of Conduct and Community Terms of Use DO NOT post or attach the following:

  • Software files (compressed or uncompressed)
  • Files that require an End User License Agreement (EULA)
  • Confidential information
  • Personal data you do not want publicly available
  • Another’s personally identifiable information
  • Copyrighted materials without the permission of the copyright owner

Files and content that do not abide by the Community Terms of Use or Code of Conduct will be removed. Continued non-compliance may result in NetApp Community account restrictions or termination.



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