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Searching within the NetApp Community


In this guide you will learn how to search within the Community and ways you can narrow your search results. If you have more questions, please post your question in the Community Related Discussions.


How do I search within the Community?

You can search from anywhere in the Community using the top search bar.


  1. Enter a search term within the search bar at the top of any page.
  2. Your search results will be displayed on the search page with additional search options and filters

search image.PNG



Advanced Search:

  1. After entering your intial search term, click on Advanced Search.
  2. Choose from the options to further specify your search.



To subscribe to a search term:

  1. Click Login at the top of the page to login
  2. In the search box, search a term.
  3. Click on Subscribe to this search.

Note: You are only able to subscribe to one search term query at a time. Search subscriptions are for terms within the entire Community.



Additional Search Functions

The Community search supports standard search functions such as:

  • Boolean operators
  • Wildcards

Boolean operators:

Used in keyword searches to combine or exclude search terms.


The OR operator: Used by default, meaning that if there is no Boolean operator, the OR operator is used. You can use the symbol || in place or OR. For example, to search for content that contain either “Clustered ONTAP” or “cDOT” you can use the following queries:

“Clustered ONTAP cDOT”
“Clustered ONTAP OR cDOT”
“Clustered ONTAP || cDOT”


The AND operator: Matches documents where both terms exist in the text of a single document. The symbol && can be used in place of the work AND. To search for content that contains “clustered ONTAP” and “cDOT” you can use the following queries:

“Clustered ONTAP AND cDOT”
“Clustered ONTAP && cDOT”


The + operator: Requires the search term you enter after the + symbol to exist somewhere in the content. To search for content that must contain “Clustered ONTAP” and may contain “cDOT” you can use the following query:

+”Clustered ONTAP” cDOT


The - operator: Excludes content that contains the term after the – symbol. To search for content that contains “Clustered ONTAP” but not “cDOT” you can use the following query:

"Clustered ONTAP –cDOT”


Wilcard search:

Used as a placeholder for any sequence of characters or words. You can use single character or multiple character wildcard searches within single terms (not within phrase queries).

To perform a single character wildcard search use the ? symbol. For example: to search for text or test you can use the search te?t.

To perform a multiple character wildcard search use the * symbol. For example: to search for test, tests, or tester you can use the search test*.


Please Note:

All content posted on the NetApp Community is publicly searchable and viewable. Participation in the NetApp Community is voluntary.

In accordance with our Code of Conduct and Community Terms of Use, DO NOT post or attach the following:

  • Software files (compressed or uncompressed)
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  • Confidential information
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Continued non-compliance may result in NetApp Community account restrictions or termination.