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Welcome to the updated NetApp Community!



We’ve got a new look, new platform and a simplified structure.  Change is good but can be confusing.  Start here to orient yourself but feel free to throw questions our way using this discussion thread.  Also, check out the HELP section for more information.

Overview of improvements:

  • Improved site search
  • Better browser support
  • Better notification capabilities and options
  • Better mobile experience
  • Flexible and straightforward customization of your experience
  • Better discussion/forum functionality experience and features
  • Social sharing of blog posts (you can now easily share NetApp blog posts on your favorite social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook)


Getting started

For returning members:

  • Login: Your login credentials stay the same
  • Set your subscription preferences: Click on your name in the upper right hand corner and go to “subscriptions”. Once there, choose the “notification settings” tab to update your notification preferences. On any post or category, click on “Options” and choose subscribe from the drop down. You will now be subscribed to that topic. To change any of your subscriptions, go back to you subscription preferences in your profile.
  • Edit your profile: To make changes to your time zone, avatar (profile picture) and more, go to your name in the upper right hand corner and go to “settings” and then “preferences”.

For newbies:

  • Register for the Community using your Company email. If you already have a NetApp login ID, you just need to login, no need to create a new NetApp account.
  • Update your profile: make changes to your time zone, avatar (profile picture) and more, click on your name in the upper right hand corner and go to “Settings” and then “Preferences”.

See more ways to customize your profile


What’s different?


Articles and Resources on Forums – Each forum has a new area called Articles and Resources which contains various documents about the forum topic.  Initially, this area consists of documents and videos that were migrated from the previous platform.  Moving forward, this content will be NetApp moderated and will evolve into a rich resource with key topic content. 


See more information about Articles and Resources



Search – Search works a little differently as there is an initial filter for targeting your search.  Think of it like this….

  • Community – searches all of the Community
  • Articles and Resources –searches only articles, videos and Tech OnTap
  • Category – searches within the high level area 
  • Board -- searches within the discussion board you are in
  • Users -- find content by user, just type in the name

search_image1.png       search_image3.png

See more ways to customize your search



Blog Categories – A new way to browse NetApp blogs based on categories. 


 More help with blogs


Related NetApp Sites

  • PRIVATE COMMUNITIES - Links to These are private community areas that are permissioned-based and remain on the old platform
  • SUPPORT – Links to where customers can access tools amd other support-related information


Tech OnTap Newsletter - A great resource packed with best practices, detailed case studies, tips, engineering perspectives, and more.  Check out the latest articles



Use the HELP area for more ‘how-to basics’


More questions or having trouble, contact the Community Team by posting questions using this discussion in Community Basecamp.  We’ll do everything possible to help you use the new NetApp Community. 


Thanks so much!
Terri Peluso
Senior Community Program Manager

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