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Looking for your #MayThe4th Badge?


If you signed in to the community on Monday, May 4 and did not get a notification about the special #MayThe4th badge, please log out and log in again. After the event is over, I'll work to reconcile this for any community members who logged in today and did not receive the badge in time.


You'll get an on-screen notification AND an email (unless you have these alerts disabled).


Send me a PM or let me know in this thread if you're still having trouble after logging in again.



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Re: Looking for your #MayThe4th Badge?


May 4th badge you seek, yeeeees? 😄



Re: Looking for your #MayThe4th Badge?


I don't work on Mondays 😞 does that mean I won't have my badge? At least in the meantime?

Re: Looking for your #MayThe4th Badge?


Where do you find it?  I have logged in yesterday and today and haven't seen the notification.

Re: Looking for your #MayThe4th Badge?


Sorry you missed it, @Karina_R! I'll see what other "special events" we can arrange here.


@Terry-Kobert, I reviewed the logs and found that you are one of 3 members who registered for a new account yesterday and didn't receive the badge. I've already got a ticket opened with our community platform provider so they can figure out why the system didn't grant the badge automatically. I'll make sure you get it!  MAY4_DisneyStarWarsROSLightSaber_Emoji

Community Manager \\ NetApp
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