A Great Place to Work with – Customers on NetApp’s Culture

The Great Place to Work® Institute’s recent recognition of NetApp as one of the “World’s Best Multinational Workplaces” for the third consecutive year validates the fact that NetApp is a great place to work for. But is it a great place to work with? NetApp 360 sat down with NetApp customers to get their perspective on how NetApp’s culture transcends our workplace and impacts their offices.


Can you briefly tell readers what your company does and how long you’ve been working with NetApp?

Nathan Paquin (CIO, Bigelow Laboratory) Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is a nonprofit scientific research organization located on the gulf of Maine. Its research ranges from the study of single-celled ocean microbes to fieldwork on the open seas and analysis of satellite images of global ecosystems. Its primary research focus is on the biogeochemical processes of the world's oceans in order to advance society's understanding of the interactions between marine ecosystems, global climate, and the environment. I've worked with NetApp® technology for about 10 years, both here at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences and in previous organizations.

Kirk Larson (Vice President and CIO, Children’s Hospital Central California)


Kirk Larson (Vice President and CIO, Children’s Hospital Central California) Children's Hospital Central California is a 348-bed pediatric hospital serving California's Central Valley. We are one of the 10 largest children's hospitals in the country and the busiest such hospital in the State of California. Our medical staff of 550 physicians practices in over 40 subspecialties. We've been doing business with NetApp for over three years.


NetApp CEO Tom Georgens’s proudest moments are when customers and partners tell him, “It just feels different doing business with NetApp.” What is it like to work with NetApp?


Nathan Paquin (CIO, Bigelow Laboratory)

NP – What is impressive to me (and the reason why I chose NetApp) is the engineering side of things. NetApp keeps the customer top of mind from the beginning by delivering a solid storage platform that can not only adapt to any usage scenario, but it’s flexible and simplistic from a management

perspective. This has been the foundation of my positive experiences with NetApp through the decade I’ve been working with the technology.


KL – NetApp takes a highly consultative approach to its customer relationships, which is much appreciated. Our relationship never feels "salesy," and instead is focused on the longer-term strategic relationship. We consider NetApp to be an important strategic partner.


At NetApp, we continually innovate and invest to enable the success of our customers and partners. What have you been able to achieve through your partnership with NetApp?


NP – Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences purchased a 2-node FAS3250 system running the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP® operating system to replace an aged solution comprised of disparate systems unable to support the lab's planned growth and dynamic expansion. Clustered Data ONTAP supports data storage for 15 internal labs, all with different storage requirements, and has successfully scaled to manage the high levels of scientific data generated by each. Deploying clustered Data ONTAP has helped us attract world-class oceanographic researchers we could never have supported without the scalability of a clustered environment. Nondisruptive operations are critical to our lab's research. In the event of an outage a researcher is in danger of losing valuable data, which may require the researcher to start processing the data all over again.  Our partnership with NetApp will help Bigelow Laboratory build out what will eventually become a multi-PB state-of-the art data center. Congratulations, NetApp, on your third consecutive recognition as one of the best places to work in the world.


KL – A few years back, we completed a forklift upgrade of our existing storage environment and moved to NetApp. We currently run Children's mission-critical clinical and business applications on NetApp for fast, secure, reliable access. We appreciate the tremendous commitment NetApp has for supporting our core business in this way.