A Year After Acquiring Engenio, NetApp's OEM Business Continues to Grow

It’s now just over a year since our acquisition of Engenio’s storage division, and what a year it has been! Our focus during the post-acquisition stage has been to preserve our current OEMs while attracting and recruiting new OEMs. Since driving an OEM business of this scope was something NetApp had never done before, this proved to be both educational and challenging. If it was going to be a success, we needed to be able to strike the fine balance between continuing to drive NetApp branded products and solution growth while fully enabling our OEMs to take E-Series technology to new customers and industries in which NetApp FAS did not yet have a presence.


The biggest challenge was to do all of this while assuring the OEMs of our continued commitment and focus on their business. We had our ups and downs, lessons learned, and trying times during the year. As with any acquisition, the first year is really about getting to know one another and getting to know the business together. The team came together quickly and did a great job working together to earn our OEMs’ trust with our drive, passion, and commitment to this line of business.


A year later, I'm happy to report that we retained all of our OEMs that were in place at the time of the acquisition and were also able to grow the number of new OEMs we work with by 10%. It’s amazing that in a year of learning the team was able to not just keep the business going but to actually grow the number of partners, all while exceeding the revenue goals laid out for us for the first year. We have learned much about the OEM business, but, most importantly, as we look back at our year together, one of the major accomplishments is that our OEMs continue to engage with us as we champion their needs within NetApp.


To start our second year together, we recently launched our first new product with SANtricity 10.83 firmware. This launch represents a new way of thinking about storage management for NetApp and our OEMs with the introduction of our innovative, worry-free technology, Dynamic Disk Pools (DDPs). Our OEMs are now able to offer their customers the ability to focus more on their business and worry less about managing their storage. DDPs protect their customer's data in minutes versus the hours traditional RAID products take.


Imagine no longer having to spend unnecessary time configuring storage. Imagine having performance protection during a disk failure. Imagine protecting data in minutes versus hours or days. Imagine being able to focus on what really matters for your business. Our "Worry-Free Storage" movement is about enabling our OEMs to focus on solving real-world problems for their customers by creating innovative applications.


Over the next several months, you will continue to hear more from our OEMs as they bring this technology to market in combination with their industry-leading applications. A lot of exciting things are happening with our OEMs. and we have a lot of momentum working with them. Our ability to deliver NetApp technology into customers’ hands has never been stronger.


Is there a release date as to when 10.83 santricity + code will be available to customers?

I don't see it downloadable via support.netapp.com yet.