A Year in Review: NetApp 360 Highlights in 2013

Today, we’re highlighting a handful of pieces from this year that we felt were worth taking a look back at before the clock strikes midnight tomorrow.


The Most Exciting New NetApp Technologies of 2013

From clustered Data ONTAP to FlashRay, E-Series and more, Ryan Beaty of Zumasys shared a closer look at what he thought were the most exciting NetApp technologies introduced this year.


Q&A with NetApp’s Global Channel Chief About the Evolution of The NetApp Partner Program

NetApp’s global channel chief sat down with NetApp 360 to discuss the evolution of The NetApp Partner Program and what the impact of the announcement means for NetApp partners.


Building a Data Platform for the Cloud

Hear from NetApp CTO Jay Kidd on how the Hybrid Cloud model aligns with the CIO’s vision for an application portfolio to serve their business and the industry view of building a range of technologies delivering IT in compelling new ways.


Yeah Baby – Now My Data is Mobile, Too!

Ingo Fuchs explores NetApp Connect, a new product introduced this year that enables secure, mobile access to corporate data. Combining the ease-of-use of your typical mobile experience with the control, data protection and compliance enforcement desired by IT, NetApp Connect is just one way we’re working to make users’ lives easier.


NetApp First with Optical SAS for Flexibility and Resilience

NetApp’s introduction of the industry’s first optical SAS interconnect technology this year made a good thing even better, providing more flexible configuration options for connecting storage and simplifying the deployment of MetroCluster. Zev Rubenstein and Vivek Kohli offered NetApp 360 readers a closer look.


Tell us, what was your favorite blog post we shared this year?


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