Additional Media and Entertainment Workflows Addressed by Latest E-Series Enhancements

The media and entertainment industry may be one industry but it’s made up of many diverse workflows. E-Series historically has excelled at fast hard disk FibreChannel RAID workflows where bandwidth for many streams of HD, multiple 2K or even 4K playback is required. Today’s announced enhancements to E-Series extends the flexibility of the platform into several additional use cases.



SSD cache will greatly reduce latency in high IOPS workloads such as metadata or proxy intensive workflows or media transactions where large numbers of transactions are being serviced by databases. Some workflows can be best supported with appliances where a direct SAS connection will prove to be more efficient. And the iSCSI interface will be attractive to those facilities who don’t want to install FibreChannel and want to simply use the Ethernet network they have in place. All in all, NetApp sees E-Series becoming a workhorse across many of the workflows found across film, broadcast, cable, Internet and mobile media.


To learn more about the latest enhancements made to the E-Series platform, read here.


Great thoughts Jason.  These enhancements to E-Series will greatly widen the number of use cases that it can address in this space, particularly the iSCSI interface.