Announcing NetApp Connect 4.0!

By Nick Triantos, Senior Director, Mobile Solutions


This post was originally posted on Mobile Mecca.


Today we are proud to make our first official announcement from the Mobile Information Management Team at NetApp (formerly ionGrid), but I’ll get to that later.


Before I talk about what we are announcing today, I think it’s important to discuss why it made sense for NetApp to acquire ionGrid. Though short, my time at NetApp has shed a lot of light on NetApp’s mobile strategy and decision on why they chose us. As is no surprise to those of us who have worked in amazing companies, it all starts with our customers.


Mobile data access is a “hair on fire problem” for customers, consistently heard as a top 3 issue for IT departments. IT’s main challenges are providing secure access to corporate data from mobile, controlling data leakage and violation of compliance rules, and stopping use of non-secure consumer grade solutions. In the end, this means that in order to increase remote worker productivity and realize the value of the connected, global enterprise, businesses today require enterprise solutions that enable the best consumer mobile experience combined with enterprise governance of data. Three months ago, NetApp decided to leverage Clustered Data ONTAP and its foundation for non-disruptive access to data with ionGrid’s mobile products and spectacular end user experience and put the acquisition into progress.


As a result of our combined knowledge, NetApp understands the needs of customers to connect their people, devices and data, and has a strategic focus on meeting the requirements of highly mobile, connected enterprises. Enabling mobile users starts with a reliable and scalable architecture – customers running NetApp storage benefit from non-disruptive operations, improved operational efficiency, and the ability to add or change workloads rapidly. As the foundation for non-disruptive operations, clustered Data ONTAP provides always-on access to secure data regardless of the device. Fun stuff if you ask me, but it gets better.


Today we announce the product that puts into motion everything I’ve just described, NetApp Connect. I’m sure your curious about what NetApp Connect is and how you can get it, but a blog post is by no means the appropriate avenue to deliver all those details. I would, however, like to highlight from a business perspective NetApp Connect’s key benefits.


NetApp Connect provides mobile access with secure data protection

  • For enterprise IT, this ensures the tight security and control they require for keeping their data and businesses protected.
  • From a broader business perspective, this means no longer having to weigh the reduced IT costs and increased productivity benefits of BYOD against risks of corporate data leakage and compliance violations.

Offers an instant and effortless user experience

  • The means mobile users are happy because they gain efficient access to pixel-perfect file rendering of corporate information securely and directly from their iPhone or iPads in seconds, whether they are online or offline.
  • This then translates into increased productivity for mobile end-users via an IT-approved solution, which is a key benefit for companies wanting to enable enterprise BYOD policies.

Is an efficient and easy to manage solution for IT

  • Containerized approach keeps IT in control of corporate data at all times and eliminates many common device-management, BYOD and corporate compliance concerns.
  • The solution doesn’t require any complex setup, or need to copy or convert data, so enterprises can deploy it quickly and with complete confidence.


I hope you are as excited as we are for what’s to come. Keep up with the blog for more insights and perspectives into mobile.