Business Agility Means Instant Access and Always On - SAP HANA Solutions Built on NetApp form the Foundation for Real-Time Data Analysis

Not too long ago, analyzing massive volumes of business data was an overnight job. An IT professional would set up the query, pack his bag for the night, and it would run after-hours as a batch operation. Success was seeing results before morning. Now, business waits for no one. In today’s fast-paced business climate data analysis needs to happen in real-time.


To make real-time data analytics a business reality, several organizations are turning to SAP HANA.   Using the multi-purpose, in-memory SAP HANA database, organizations can gain instant insight into business operations, react quickly to changing priorities, and dramatically reduce the hardware and maintenance costs associated with running multiple data warehouses and operational and analytical systems.


Building on years of experience with SAP applications, NetApp, together with partners such as Cisco and Fujitsu, offers a certified, pre-built solution for SAP HANA that is officially acknowledged by SAP.  As part of this design, NetApp technology offers simplicity, scalability and high availability to address growing data requirements.


For example, the Cisco and NetApp Scale-Out Solution for SAP HANA utilizes components which users are already familiar with, such as NFS and UCS, to automate configurations that work right out of the box. Integrated management makes the solution simple and cost-effective to deploy and maintain.  Within the solution, NetApp’s storage technology provides non-stop operations even in the case of storage controller failure; thus, providing the persistent storage needed by SAP HANA. The NFS performance of NetApp storage, combined with high-performance I/O in Cisco UCS, means the solution can support HANA demands today and maintains those performance levels as HANA scales. Cisco UCS is controlled by a management system, called Cisco UCS Manager, which is an integrated, model-based software residing on, and integrated with, the fabric interconnects as part of the system itself. For SAP customers, only Cisco UCS can manage an overall SAP data center with one management tool, Cisco UCS Manager. Cisco UCS can enhance the total SAP HANA solution through features such as stateless computing, extended memory, unified fabric, and unified management.


Capturing, saving, searching and analyzing growing volumes of data is a major challenge for enterprise businesses. If they could analyze this “big data” in real time when making business decisions, enterprises would have a major advantage over their market competitors in terms of key information. The combination of SAP HANA appliance software and NetApp infrastructure solutions make this wish a reality. NetApp provides amazingly fast processing, flexible access to data, business- critical availability, high scalability and low overall costs.


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