Catch Someone Doing Something Right

As NetApp continued to grow as a company and its employee size doubled, Tom Mendoza wanted to make sure people still knew how much he appreciated their efforts and decided to start something that he calls “Catch Someone Doing Something Right.” It’s a simple concept but one that most people are amazed by. Each day, Tom makes 10-20 calls to employees across the company to either congratulate them on a job well done or give encouragement during difficult times. Join us today to find out more!


Great to know that this IS the way that will really enhance enployability and that this IS really being put into practice !

Thanks. There is no doubt in my mind that showing people that you care about them is the at the core of leadership.


I can attest to Mr. Mendoza's commitment to having the right
culture. I met Mr. Mendoza at a talk at North Carolina State in Raleigh,NC on
April 10, 2008. After this talk to about 200 people, only about six to seven
people stayed behind to ask Mr. Mendoza questions. First of all he was nice to
stay late, it was about 7:00pm then I asked him about knowledge management at
NetApp. He was nice to answer my question.

In 2010, I again contacted Mr Mendoza with an additional
question, again he responded to inquiry.

Here’s the kicker, I am not a NetApp employee, supplier or

That's the point, he was willing to help someone who was very
interested in the topic of knowledge management at NetApp. A lot of companies
talk about culture, but it’s just talk.
Culture is driven by leaders.
Great leaders create a great culture.

Thank you for your kind comments. I believe thay unless leaders walk the walk and lead by example, what they say is meaningless.


Hi Tom,

Now and then I'll go back to these talks and now and then I'll go back to the talk Lou Holtz gave us when I was with NetApp back in 2001. (I still have the CD).  In particular, for my fireworks business I find the point of this talk very useful.  Sometimes I find myself buried in my own duties while our staff toils on mundane tasks of re-stocking, pricing, and selling.  These guys are young and for some it's their first job.  Finding someone doing something right motivates them 10 times more than what pointing out something someone's doing wrong.  It's a positive force that helps build confidence and  a sense of ownership.  It's just human nature.  But it's not always human nature to be the one to point that out.  Moreover this is true with friendships, random encounters, and personal relationships.  The more you do it, the easier it becomes. 

Thank you for making these talks available outside the walls of NetApp.