Complacency Kills … and it Starts With You

Join Tom as he discusses how to shake things up and create the big opportunity in the minds of employees to avoid complacency setting in.


Very well articulated. Having been in some of the doomed examples that Tom mentions, I relate to the message.  I particularly like the piece about starting with SELF as we always see it in others but in ourselves.

I agree that it does start with the individual.  Maintaining a hunger and the ability to stay attentive toward opportunities that cross before you. Not keeping them on the way side or being blinded by other successes, but rather “Attack you future” and take advantage of those opportunities before they squander.  I continue to be impressed with NetApp, their leadership, and employees. They continue to re-define and strengthen their company culture (not becoming complacent).  One individual with such mindset can impact a team or organization.  A company full of such individuals can change the world!  NetApp is on the right path that is sure to sustain their success.  Keep shaking it up!