Employees Share Time and Talents at The Tech Museum

By Dan Clarke and Chris Yory,  employee co-sponsors of The Tech Museum


Here''s the second installment of our blog series devoted to showcasing the way in which NetApp teams across the globe are giving back to their communities.


What’s not to like about helping school kids,  learning a little ‘hands-on’ science, and having a blast at a leading non-profit museum in the Bay Area? That’s just what happened to a group of NetApp volunteers at a recent ‘VTO on the Go’ day,    who shared their time and talents at The Tech Museum in downtown San Jose, CA on October 18, 2012.   


These ‘Lucky 13’ volunteers helped at various exhibits at The Tech,  such as the ‘Flugtag’ station (helping design flying objects from a catapult system), The Great California Shakeout  (participating in Earthquake Preparedness activities with hundreds of school children), and the ever popular ‘Alka Seltzer’ rockets (take a plastic test tube, rubber stopper,  Alka Seltzer tablets, and a little water--  combine ingredients, shake it up, and watch results!)


By assisting school children and museum guests, NetApp volunteers helped make a difference at The Tech,  and had fun while doing it. The Tech Museum’s Volunteer Services Manager Karen Hennessy remarked :   ‘Great day at the museum with the NetApp team. You were a great team, and we would love to invite you  and others to volunteer again.    So pleased you were all part of this special day’


Comments from our enthusiastic NetApp volunteers:


‘We had a wonderful time!’    


‘I had a fun time volunteering and learning some fun hands-on science stuff’


‘Can be a good team bonding event as well’


We couldn’t agree more, and we look forward to sponsoring more VTO days at The Tech in the future.