Guiding Coalition Moves NetApp Further, Faster

Join NetApp's Vice Chairman, Tom Mendoza, as he illustrates how NetApp's innovative volunteer-based Guiding Coalition helps accelerate change leadership and foster innovation.


Thanks for sharing Tom. Amazing to see and learn that each and everyone is having impact to how we perform and what we can achieve. The Guiding Coalition and the Kotter Change Process is really awesome. 1Team


thanks for the great sharing again! I've read the Guilding Coalition program and it's very excited!  You mentioned that will be extended beyond Sales. When? Are we having that in Engineering (product ops)?



The Guiding coalition that is currently doing their work on sales issues will continue.  It is my understanding that we will be creating another GC which will include people from all areas to work on company initiatives.  This has tremendous potential to help NetApp in some fundamental ways.