Is Leadership for You?

Would you rather give a plaque or receive one? Join NetApp Vice Chairmen, Tom Mendoza, as he asks this question and many more to find out if you have what it takes to become a successful leader.



Great perspective on leadership, it's not for everyone.  Thank you for sharing with us.

Great opening question.  And then followed by a few time-tested tips.  Thanks, Tom!

Very nice!  Thank you Tom.

Thanks Tom,

The point that you make about tranistioning to leading people that may currently be your peers caused me to pause a moment.

I hadn't considered that point previously and it's impact on making those steps forward and upward.

I appreciate the new perspective!


Love the message Tom!!!!   I flagged my calendar to play this once quarter to help keep me centered.

Thanks Tom... You revealed the points which every leader and manager should know about  (Start with clean slate free from assumptions). 

Gotta' teach 'em to fish.  It's a point I need to fold further into the everyday. 

Thanks a lot Tom, I am really impressed on your thoughts of leadership, especially frontline management.


I learned a lot about leadership in that short video.  Might I be so bold as to request a video on your thoughts on how to more effectively follow as a key contributor?

This distinction [Would you rather give a plaque or receive one? ] makes it easier to make the right choice in the first place rather than to bear the repercussion of making the wrong choice.

thanks tom, it is great listening to your tips on leadership