It's NetApp, So Simple!

NetApp’s unique culture is embedded among employees, our sales and support staff, our partners, and especially in our interactions with our customers. We take pride in the fact that we’re regularly named a Great Place to Work all across the globe—after all, being a great company to work for makes us a great company to work with.


The element of NetApp’s culture that stands out most to me is the focus on simplicity. Our products are designed for simple implementation and configuration, our marketing messages are straightforward, and our employees and executives are approachable and always willing to help.


To sound knowledgeable and cool, very often we see people flaunting their knowledge, their exploits. I am sure you have found yourself in similar situations umpteen times. While the speaker is busy pontificating from a delusional altar of supreme wisdom, he/she scarcely realizes that the audience has completely zoned out! I have experienced this many a time. But this is not the case at NetApp. The culture is such that everyone is approachable—no matter how senior, the person is. Not being a techie, I know I have the dumbest questions, but there is always someone to answer them! And the best part is that my colleagues patiently simplify the technical aspects and make sure I understand them.


Simplicity is a NetApp value that reflects in everything we do. Right from product solutions to product installations to messages from our leadership to the easy-to-read blogs that Dave Hitz and David Gingell write. Come to think of it, even the recent “Yep, NetApp” advertising campaign is so simple and direct. No made-up claims, but rather talks of specific, proven functionalities of NetApp gear. Can it get simpler than this?