My Simple NetApp Elevator Pitch

By Matt Watts, Director, Technology and Strategy at NetApp


I’m often asked for an "elevator pitch" on what it is that NetApp does. Usually, the person asking knows that NetApp is a storage company; what they’re asking is more to try and establish what value it is that we offer over and above other storage companies. You’d think that something as short as an elevator pitch would be easy, but the whole idea is to condense a lot of information into a 60-second statement and I’ve seen a lot of people really struggle with this.




Either my browser is missing something, or there is no video clip in this post?

yup, no video in the post. Matt, please correct it. Really want to hear what you have to say on this.

Thanks for this Matt! I've already used the save, make and avoid loosing money quite a few times!

Nice, succinct, and memorable. thanks Matt.

That's good. Very nice.

I'm on my iPad right now and the video appears fine so I'm not sure what the issue is.

This is also posted to my personal blog at, maybe try that site and see if it works


Hi Matt, someone fixed this in the meantime by adding the link to  word "Here" - it definitely wasn't there two days ago.

Anyway, great stuff (as usual ), thanks for sharing.