NetApp - A Look Back at 2012

2012 was a banner year at NetApp.  Awards, announcements, and partnerships flowed seemingly nonstop.  As we close out the year I thought it would be interesting to take a look back…


In January, NetApp celebrated the new year by being named #6 on Fortune’s “Best Places to Work” – the 4th consecutive year being named to the top 10.


NetApp warmed the hearts of investors in February with quarterly revenue of $1.566B.  Not bad for a company formed 20 years ago on the back of a napkin at a bar in San Jose by three guys with the dream of revolutionizing networked storage.


March blew in with Storage Magazine product-of-the-year honors for NetApp OnCommand Insight Balance, citing “actionable management, deeper storage analysis, deeper virtual machine (VM) performance analysis and app contention analysis.”


FlexPods rained down in April, as NetApp and Cisco announced plans to extend this successful product integration with a series of new pre-validated design architectures priced and sized for smaller workloads.


May quarterly revenues sparkled like morning dew at $1.7B; smashing all prior records.  Revenue for the fiscal year was $6.23B, another record and a growth spurt of 22% over the prior year.


In June, Spring was ushered in as NetApp announced the release of Data ONTAP 8.1.1, which also ushered in the era of the agile data infrastructure, one that is Infinite, Immortal, and Intelligent.


Fireworks lit the sky in July as NetApp closed out another sparkling quarter with $1.445B in revenue.  CEO Tom Georgens remarked "We continue to deliver on multiple fronts, advancing our technology and partnerships. With our best-of-breed partnering strategy and ongoing innovation-led solutions, we enable our customers to scale their business without limits."


The dog days of August were made more comfortable for Kansas Governor Sam Brownback as NetApp announced plans to double its workforce in Wichita.  Said Brownback "NetApp is ranked as one of the best companies in the world to work for, and I'm excited that the company will be strengthening its presence in Wichita with a significant expansion of operations and workforce"


September’s chill escaped NetApp as it was named to Forbes’ list of the world’s 100 most innovative companies.  NetApp earned this honor for the 2nd consecutive year, and continues as the only data storage company named to the list.


In October, NetApp avoided demons plaguing other tech companies by posting robust quarterly revenues of $1.541B.  CEO Tom Georgens asserted that NetApp’s success was no apparition by stating “We saw a strong uptake of NetApp® Data ONTAP® 8 and clustered Data ONTAP, as customers are looking to build agile data infrastructure environments with intelligent data management, nearly unlimited scalability, and nondisruptive operations,"


November saw NetApp roll out a new line of mid-range storage systems.  Customers gave thanks for these new systems, which provided 75% more throughput processing power than their predecessors, with pioneering enterprise-class features that made competitors red-faced in comparison.


December provided perhaps the surprise gift of the year – a partnership with Amazon Web Services in providing NetApp Private Storage. In a move that left other storage vendor’s heads shaking, NetApp, with a wink of the eye and twist of the head, exclaimed “this may be the future of storage in the making!”