NetApp Announces the NetApp Integrated EVO: RAIL Solution

By Lee Caswell, Vice President, Product and Solution Marketing, NetApp

Today, NetApp announced a new integrated solution designed to speed the deployment of virtual servers and virtual desktops in departmental IT settings and branch offices.  Designed with the IT generalist in mind, NetApp Integrated EVO:RAIL Solution is the first integrated system to combine cloud-ready enterprise NetApp FAS™ storage with the scale-out benefits of VMware EVO:RAIL™ hyper-converged infrastructure.

Hyper-converged infrastructure has captured the imagination of server buyers looking to simplify the deployment and management of virtual machines.  But storage administrators have been quick to point out that business critical applications and user data belongs on enterprise storage where it can be centrally managed and efficiently protected. Storage administrators also want to avoid creating new infrastructure silos and are looking to integrate these sites into an enterprise-wide data management strategy that includes the use of public clouds.   

For example, at departmental sites running Microsoft back-office applications server virtual machine disks (VMDKs) are typically stored on hyper-converged solutions even though critical application data remains on the NetApp FAS in order to meet corporate protection guidelines. Similarly in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), hyper-converged storage is used for desktop images while essential user data continues to be separately stored on NetApp FAS.

By integrating storage for virtual images and critical data under a common user interface with a single point of support, the NetApp Integrated EVO: RAIL Solution combines the cost economics of hyper-converged appliances with the enterprise benefits of NetApp enterprise storage.   

One key benefit customers look for in data management is consistency, whether the data sits in the enterprise data center or at a branch site. It not only makes their job easier but ensures data across the organization meets corporate data governance policies. Consistency in data management requires consistent data services at each location and should extend out to the public cloud.

The NetApp Integrated EVO: RAIL Solution leverages the cross platform capabilities of Data ONTAP to natively interface and provide consistent backup, disaster recovery (DR), cloning, replication, multi-protocol, storage efficiency, provisioning and QoS services to even the largest public clouds such as Amazon and Azure.

NetApp has a long history of wrapping intelligent software around commodity hardware to deliver simple, fast, reliable storage.

Learn more about our newest integrated offering as we help users with storage planning and embracing the scale-out simplicity of hyper-converged appliances.  

Brajesh8ITapp Netapp Alumni

A very compelling offering indeed. How about the management of such an offering? How do you transform this offering into a hybrid cloud-in-a-box? Anyone in need for a hybrid cloud management solution with built-in support for VMware EVO:RAIL, NetApp Private Storage, Cloud ONTAP?